Friday, January 29, 2010

Goodbye Dear Friend..

we are forever greatful!

Grateful: [adjective] feeling or showing gratitude

No words exist to entirely express the gratitude we have for the original Ivy & Twigs.
The charm of Ste.Genevieve, the beautiful old building that Owner Karen Miller , and her mother Marie Flieg, transformed into a sanctuary to "linger"in. The late hours put in by Bill Miller, Karen's husband, hauling, hanging, painting, fixing and wiring. The careful selection and display of vintage items and handmade floral, that bring smiles to our lives and joy to our homes. The style and wonderful service provided by the original Ivy & Twigs Girls.
It is because of these reasons that the new Ivy & Twigs exist. We know it is by no doing of our own that loyal friends & customers have come to love our new location. The high standards were set long before we came into the picture.
The best way to thank those whose dreams & hard work have gone before us is to continue to grow and create the new Ivy & Twigs, always remembering where we came from. All though we say goodbye to a physical place in Ste.Genevieve we hope you feel our gratitude as you enter and "linger" in Farmington. Gratefully...The Ivy & Twigs Girls Manager Dawn Polacek, Chrissy Vaugh, Danielle Armstrong, Christa Sutton, & Del Thurman

Are there memories of Ivy & Twigs you would like to share with us? Notes to Karen? Please comment in our Guest book area.

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Shanna K Moore said...

Sad to see this lovely store close and the end of this little dream. Karen & staff, you had some wonderful years in Ste Gen and I wish you all the best in Farmington! You are loved and we promise to take good care of ya!