Saturday, February 6, 2010

I Adore You.......

The Ivy & Twig Girls adore Valentines Day- How could we not? We are surrounded by flowers, jewelry, lace, and sparkling things. We listen to beautiful french women sing of love and sultry jazz all day. There is always a bite of chocolate calling our names.

There are many ways to celebrate Valentines Day. The consensus around the shop is that it's not about the price of the token, but the thoughtful selection and beautiful presentation.

May we suggest:

A custom made "hand bouquet" that Karen Miller is famous for creating. Presented in a stem box and wrapped with a gorgeous ribbon. It will last for years of adoration.

Sparkling heart shaped votive holders with a heavenly scented candle ,wrapped in a scattering of rose petals. OOH LA LA!

The ABC's of LOVE - place this sweet plaque on a bedside table, where it is sure to bring a hearts flutter every time it is read.

Stop in and select something for your loved one. The Ivy & Twigs Girls will wrap it up beautifully and you'll be on your way to Je't adore.

With Love .... The Ivy & Twigs Girls: Owner, Karen Miller Manager, Dawn Polacek Chrissy Vaugh, Christa Sutton, Del Thurman , and Danielle Armstrong

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