Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One step into Ivy & Twigs and you will find, Sunflowers to greet you, Ferns waving a friendly "Hello", Hydrangeas in uplifting hues are there to brighten even the most ordinary day.You may have to touch ( and even sometimes then cannot tell) to determine “Are these fresh or Everlastings?”

The presence of flowers triggers happy emotions. Flowers ease depression, inspire social interaction and refresh memory.
Flowers = HEALING
Flowers are a natural and healthful moderator of moods. Recipients feel less anxious, agitated ,and negative after receiving flowers. Flowers make intimate connections with family and freinds.

It can be better to give than to receive- those who give flowers as a gift are viewed as successful, caring, and emotionally intelligent people.
Flowers feed compassion; People feel more compassionate towards others when flowers are present.
Flowers in the Workplace; Workers idea generation, creative performance, and problem solving skills improve when flowers and plants are present.

In conclusion, Flowers influence so many things. A Mood, Cooperation, Compassion, Happiness and Health. Treat yourself or someone you love to Flowers , both giver and recipient benefit.

See you in the garden,